QuickFree® is our new product which has both Smart Insertion & Quick Release function in one zipper.

It allows users to release the zipper by simply pulling apart the garment from both sides of the zipper. There is no need of pulling down the slider.   Also, the enlarged bottom part of slider body allows quick and easy insertion of the separable pin into the slider. 

This zipper can be used for not only sports/outdoor application, but also suitable for children's wear.

It helps kids to insert the pin easier by themselves and opens the zipper quicker!

QuickFree™ Zipper won "Prime Minister Award" which is the Grand Prize of Kids Design Award 2018!

We also won Good Design Award 2018 Gold Awad.

                    dood design


  • Outdoor/Sports

  • Outdoor Gear

  • Casual

  • Jackets

  • Pants

  • Universal Design

Item Variation


    Close        Open        Two-way       Chain   
Size/ Chain Type      5VS    -OK--

For the two way zipper ,Please contact YKK representatives.

How to use

  Smart Insertion   Quick Release
Enlarged bottom part of slider body (highlighted in red) allows quick and easy insertion of the separable pin into the slider.
The zipper can be opened by simply pulling apart the garment or pulling the zipper chain sideways.*
*Pull the zipper apart above the slider.
The zipper cannot be opened by pulling the part below the slider.

Usage scenes

Easy for children to use Easy for parents to use to dress a child
QuickFree Usage scenes QuickFree Usage scenes
Quick release function lightens load
QuickFree Usage scenes

*Release function has been shown to reduce the risk of suffocation when clothing gets caught around the neck. It does not necessarily guarantee accident or injury prevention.


Asymmetrical shape
Symmetrical shape
This zipper slider is asymmetrical. 
If a regular zipper is attempted to be opened in the same way, it might damage the zipper.

Care Information/Remarks

- There is the possibility that the zipper might open unexpectedly if used on a heavy weight garment.
- Ensure product is completely closed when placing into a washing machine or dryer. A partially closed zipper
may become entangled with other items , resulting in damage to the elements, slider or other components.
- Do not add an excessive load. It may cause damage to the cloth and zipper.