The YKK Fastening Business operates in over 70 countries and regions around the world.
In our business, we work every day to solve problems in the fashion industry and related industries, thereby helping to build a sustainable society.
Here, we look at some of the issues being faced by society, and what YKK and the industry are doing to solve them.
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    YKK produces 3 million kilometers worth of zippers every year – enough to circle the globe over 80 times.Today, zippers are used in a vast array of products, including not only clothing, but furniture and ....

  • Emission Reduction2018.10.19
    It is often the small, ingenious efforts that change the world

    One characteristic of the fashion industry is its complex supply chain. Apparel production starts ....

  • Resource Conservation2018.12.27
    What is the fashion industry doing to reduce water consumption?

    There has been extensive media coverage on the effect the fashion industry has on water resources....

  • Brand Protection2019.01.31
    YKK led brand protection and partner-led B.P.P. initiative

    According to an OECD report, US$500 billion-worth of counterfeit goods circulates....

  • Resource Recycling2019.03.31
    Plastic Bottles and Recycling in Fashion

    Plastic bottles are convenient containers that ....

  • Emission Reduction2019.05.20
    Carbon-neutral initiatives by YKK and the global fashion industry
    In 2018, it seemed that we were feeling the effects ....

  • Decent Work2019.07.31
    Gender Issues in the Fashion Industry: How YKK is Promoting Women's EmpowermentIssues Facing Women in the Fashion Industry ....

  • Reduced Inequalities2019.11.15
    YKK's Fair Fashion and Partnership Initiative

    Toward a Society that Protects the Rights and Dignity of ....

  • Vocational Education2020.2.28
    YKK Initiatives for Students Seeking a Career in the Fashion IndustryInsufficient skills and talent to respond to changing times---

  • Working Environment2020.3.13
    YKK Builds Safe and Healthy Working Environments
    From achieving employee happiness to achieving a sustainable society---

  • Resource Recycling2020.4.10
    The Fashion Industry Responds to the Ocean Plastic Pollution CrisisOcean plastic causes environmental pollution, damages ecosystems---

  • Hazardous Substance Management2020.6.25
    The Problem of Hazardous Substances in the Fashion Industry and YKK InitiativesEnvironmental pollution due to chemical substances---

  • Emission Reduction2020.10.8
    Fashion industry and YKK initiatives to reduce greenhouse gasesIncreasing greenhouse gases and their impact on the world---

  • Reduced Inequalities2021.3.26
    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    Growing Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Around the World---

YKK supports the Sustainable Development Goals